World / Taliban Behead Women National Team Volleyball Player in Afghanistan

Zoom News : Oct 20, 2021, 10:20 PM
Kabul: Cruelty started as soon as the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Now another brutal act of Talbina has come to the fore. Taliban fighters beheaded Afghanistan's junior national volleyball female player. According to the coach of the football team, Mahjabeen Hakimi, who played for Afghanistan's junior women's volleyball team, was beheaded in early October.

Threatening not to talk to family

In an interview, the coach of the Afghan women's volleyball national team confirmed the beheading of Mahjabeen, but no one came to know about the brutal murder as Taliban fighters told the player's family about it. threatened not to. Mehjabeen played for the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club before the fall of the Ashraf Ghani government, and was one of the club's star players. A few days back, pictures of his severed head and bloodied neck surfaced on social media.

belonged to Hazara society

Mehjabeen Hakimi belonged to the Hazara ethnic group. The Hazaras are a minority in Afghanistan, hated and persecuted by the Taliban. The Hazaras are the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and a religious minority. About 10 percent of Muslims in Sunni-majority Afghanistan are Shia and almost all of them are Hazaras. The Taliban and Islamic State are Sunni. The Hazaras are said to be of Mongolian and Central Asian descent and descendants of Mongolian leader Genghis Khan. He invaded Afghanistan in the 13th century. They mostly live in the mountainous region of central Afghanistan, known as 'Hazaristan' or the land of the Hazaras.

There is a ban on women's play

The 2018 UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan report stated that a majority of the minority population is being targeted by the Taliban. In these too, most of whom were attacked by Hazara caste people. The coach of the Afghan women's national volleyball team said some of the team's players managed to flee the country before the Taliban took control in August. Mehjabeen Hakimi failed to escape from here.

After the Taliban came to power, strict restrictions have been imposed on sports, especially women's sports. There are very few female players left in the country, most of the female players have left the country.