Tata Curvv And Avinya / Tata's Curvv and Avinya are coming to create panic, its features are unmatched

Zoom News : Jan 08, 2023, 07:28 PM
Tata Curvv And Avinya: This time Auto Expo- 2023 is going to introduce us to many new things, while Tata Motors has also made preparations to come to this Auto Expo. Let us tell you that at Auto Expo 2023, Tata Motors will display two of its EV future cars, so that the common people will get to see its first glimpse through Auto Expo. At the same time, Tata Motors can also bring some punch CNG at Auto Expo- 2023, which everyone is waiting for. On the other hand, Tata Motors can keep the prices very low as compared to other companies, today we will tell you about the upcoming cars of Tata Motors at Auto Expo - 2023.

Tata Curvev has these features, know about Tata Curve

Tata Motors shared information about this car last year, let us tell you that Tata Curvv is one of the future mid-size SUV car of Tata Motors, which can come in the market by 2024. On the other hand, talking about the features of Tata Curvv, three-layer dashboard, curve design elements etc. can be seen in it. At the same time, according to the information, SUV Generation 2 EV architecture will be used in it, along with this it can be given big battery pack and powertrain options.

This is the specialty of Tata Avinya

Tata's Tata Avinya model is going to bring Dhansu style, its information was also shared last year i.e. in 2022, April. While Tata Motors will use the advanced Gen 3 architecture in it, it is expected to hit the market by 2025. Along with this, the Gen 3 architecture will provide better road connectivity and enhanced driving experience, while it will also have the facility of ultra fast charging, which will charge for 500 kilometers within 30 minutes. At the same time, Tata Motors has not shared other information about it.