Business News / Tata's big plan, another factory will be named after Apple

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 09, 2024, 08:34 AM
Business News: India's largest business group Tata Group may soon acquire another Apple factory in its name. Recently, the Indian government has worked on many policies to promote mobile manufacturing in the country, in which Tata Group has been at the forefront in manufacturing Apple products. Apart from China, Apple is also focusing on manufacturing its products in other countries of the world.

Actually, Tata Group is in talks with Taiwanese company Pegatron to acquire majority stake in its Chennai factory. Pegatron is focusing on limiting its partnership with Apple by selling its stake in this factory.

If Tata-Pegatron deal is done

If the deal is done between the two groups, then Tata Group will have 65 percent stake in this joint venture. Pegatron will provide technical support to run this plant, while Tata Group will operate it completely. Not only this, according to the news of Reuters, Apple also has no problem with this deal.

Tata Group can complete this joint venture with its company Tata Electronics. About 10,000 people work in this plant of Pegatron and 5 million iPhones are manufactured here every year.

Apple is maintaining distance from China

Apple, the owner of the iPhone brand, is also diversifying its supply chain due to the increasing tension between China and America. Apart from China, it is increasing its focus on building its production lines in countries other than China. This iPhone manufacturing deal will also be a big gift for Tata in its plans to make Apple iPhone.

Tata Group started operating an Apple iPhone manufacturing plant in Karnataka only last year. He had acquired it from Taiwanese company Wistron. Apart from this, the group is setting up another plant near Hauser in Tamil Nadu. Pegatron can become the partner of Tata Group in this factory also.