ICC WTC Final / Team India's 100% match fee cut, Gill will have to pay ICC, got big punishment

Zoom News : Jun 12, 2023, 01:27 PM
ICC WTC Final: India's star opener Shubman Gill has got a big punishment. This punishment has been given to him by the high command body of cricket, ICC. After the end of the World Test Championship, Gill's punishment was announced, according to which he will now have to pay money to the ICC as a fine. Apart from Gill, Team India will also not get even a single rupee of match fee.

Tell about the punishment given to Shubman Gill, before that know why the Indian cricket team will not get even a single rupee even after playing the final of the World Test Championship? This has become possible because his entire match fee has been deducted. ICC has taken this step against the Indian team regarding the slow over rate. Due to this slow over rate, 80 percent of Australia's match fees have also been deducted.

Shubman Gill fined 115%

Now coming to Shubman Gill. This star opener of India has got a bigger punishment than Team India. His entire match fee has already been deducted. Apart from that, 15 percent more will have to be paid as fine. This means that this young Indian opener has been fined 115 percent of the match fee in total.

Why was Gill fined so heavily?

Right-handed Indian batsman Shubman Gill has been fined by the ICC for his mistake on the fourth day of the WTC Final. In fact, on the fourth day of the Test match, Gill was found guilty of Section 2.7 of the ICC Code of Conduct. According to this rule, it is forbidden to comment on any incident related to the international match. But Gill made the same mistake.

In fact, during the match, TV umpire Richard Kettlebrough declared Cameron Green's caught catch as clean. This catch was of Shubman Gill. There was a ruckus about this catch then, but Gill made a mistake that he mentioned it on social media after the end of the day's play.