Bihar Politics / Tejashwi Yadav's statement regarding abusing Chirag Paswan's mother - said this

Zoom News : Apr 18, 2024, 04:25 PM
Bihar Politics: Bihar politics now seems to be descending to the level of abuses. Recently, a video went viral on social media in which Chirag Paswan was abused. Now Tejashwi Yadav, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, has given clarification on this. Regarding the viral video, Tejashwi said, "We have seen that video, people are speaking in public but no one is giving on the stage. Anyone can give like this, why make a fuss out of it."

He is making his video- Tejashwi

Tejashwi Yadav said, "If such a thing had come to my ears, would anyone tolerate it? Who would be stupid enough to say such things during elections? Who is there in public, he is making his own video. We are giving a speech. There are thousands of people, anyone can make a video of themselves and send it, so many people abuse us day and night."

What is the matter

In the viral video, it is seen that RJD's meeting is being held, where Tejashwi Yadav himself is giving a speech. At the same time, there are some enthusiastic youth workers also near the stage. While making the video, one of them abused LJP (Ram Vilas Paswan) party president Chirag Paswan. However, an RJD leader present there was seen trying to silence him. Now Tejashwi Yadav has given clarification in this matter.

It is indecent and painful – Samrat Chaudhary

At the same time, BJP State President Samrat Chaudhary said regarding this matter, "It is extremely unfortunate that the wife of late Ram Vilas Paswan, the messiah of the Dalits of the country, and the mother of Chirag Paswan are being abused by the RJD." This is indecent and painful. He further said that action will be taken selectively. Not a single person who abuses will be allowed to go unpunished.

The matter reached the Election Commission

At the same time, the matter of abusing Chirag Paswan's mother in a meeting in Jamui has reached the Election Commission. NDA leaders have submitted a complaint memorandum in this regard to the Bihar Election Department. The leaders, led by former MLA and BJP spokesperson Usha Vidyarthi, have demanded action from the Election Commission against Tejashwi abusing Chirag Paswan's mother in the meeting. NDA has accused RJD of insulting by using caste related words. Leaders of different constituent parties of NDA including BJP have demanded action from the Election Commission and registration of FIR.