World / Thailand Cult Leader arrested police found 11 dead bodies from his campsite

Zoom News : May 11, 2022, 08:55 AM
Thailand Fraud Cult Leader: You must have heard about many fraud babas, who spread superstition. One such fraud Baba has been arrested by the police in Thailand. This Baba used to tell his followers that they should drink their urine and eat feces. By doing this they will be saved from diseases.

Police raided Baba's ashram

According to the information, the name of this hypocrite Baba is Thawee Nanra and his age is 75 years. It has been arrested by the police from Chaiyaphum in Thailand. This fraud Baba was living in a forest of Chaiyaphum, where the police raided its campsite and arrested it. The police have got many serious evidences against Baba, on the basis of which preparations are being made to give him severe punishment.

Baba's followers clash with police

The informer told the police that it came to know about this Baba when a woman who went to this Baba did not return. According to media reports, when the police went to catch this fake Baba, Baba's followers clashed with the police. But the police has arrested Baba Thavi Nanara.

11 dead bodies found from the ashram

Reports say that 11 dead bodies including coffins were found along with more than a dozen followers from this fake Baba's ashram. It is believed that these dead bodies belong to the followers of Baba. This Baba was saved from the police till now because his ashram was in a dense forest away from the city. According to reports, this black act of superstition of fake Baba is going on here for many years.