Thailand Shooting / Indiscriminate firing in Thailand - 31 people died, children were also among those killed

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2022, 02:09 PM
Thailand Shooting: 31 people died in indiscriminate firing in Thailand. People were shocked by the attack on a child's day care. Meanwhile, after the news of the death of many children in the attack, the family members have become in a bad condition. There is mourning in the entire area. At the same time, the police is continuously raiding in search of the absconding accused in this case.

assailant ex-police officer

The news is coming about this attacker that he is a former policeman. Who is said to be absconding after the attack. The Na Klang area of ​​Thailand has been surrounded from all sides. A search operation is going on around there. The attacker has been identified. Agencies say that he will be arrested soon. For the time being, whoever heard about this incident was astonished that how can any person target innocent children.

investigation of the case continues

The local administration has confirmed the death of 31 people in this heart-wrenching incident. Local police spokesman Archon Kraitong told Reuters news agency that the investigation was ongoing. Why and why this attack happened, many such questions are yet to be answered.

This attack in the north-eastern province of Thailand is being discussed all over the world. On social media, people are expressing their condolences to the families of the victims.