COVID-19 Update / The danger of corona is increasing again in the country? Positivity rate doubled in a week

Zoom News : Jul 27, 2021, 09:42 AM
New Delhi. After wreaking havoc in the second wave of Coronavirus infection in the country, now something has reduced. In such a situation, restrictions are being removed in the states. People are coming out of their homes and being careless. In such a situation, now the danger of corona virus infection (Covid 19 in India) has increased. This is also being said because the test positivity rate of the country has doubled in just a week.

According to the Health Ministry data a week ago, the test positivity rate of corona infection in the country was 1.68 percent, while according to the data presented on Monday, this test positivity rate increased to 3.4 percent. it concerns. This means that people in the country are getting infected again in large numbers and it is time before the corona virus boom again.

Talking about test positivity, it was 1.68 percent in the country on July 20. It rose to 2.27 per cent on July 21. On July 22, it became 2.40. It increased to 2.12 on 23 July and 2.4 on 24 July. The same has now been recorded at 3.40 on July 26.

According to media reports, the medical department of Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Pooja Khosla says that people should be saved from being careless. Taking lessons from the second wave of Corona, people will have to strictly follow the rules of prevention. At the same time, since antibodies were found in the body of a large population in the sero survey, many experts are expecting that the third wave will not be more lethal than the second wave.