Kazan Khan / The dreaded villain of South Film Industry, Kajan Khan passed away.

Zoom News : Jun 13, 2023, 01:37 PM
Kazan Khan Passed Away: The South Film Industry is in mourning for the past several days. Every day some famous star passes away. These sad news have shaken the industry. Now the dreaded villain of South Industry, Kajan Khan has passed away. Actor Kazan Khan, who became famous by playing the role of villain in Malayalam cinema, died in Kerala on Monday. He has died of a heart attack. Production controller and producer NM Badusha has informed about the death of the actor through a social media post. NM Badusha also shared a picture of Kajan Khan on Facebook. At the same time, after this news, there is mourning in the South Film Industry. Industry celebs and fans are paying tribute to Kajan Khan on social media on his death.

Kazan created mutiny in the role of a villain.

Kajan Khan has worked in films like 'Gandharvam', 'ID Moses', 'The King', 'Varnapkittu', 'Dreams', 'The Don', 'Mayamohini', 'Rajadhiraja', 'Ivan Maryadaraman', 'O Laila O' Made his identity with strong acting in many Malayalam films like. He played the role of dangerous villain in some of these films. Kajan Khan is more famous for his villain role in Malayalam cinema. It is said that Kajan Khan never took a break from acting in his entire film career.

Kajan Khan's luck shines with this film

Kajan Khan made his silver screen debut with the Tamil film 'Senthamiz Pattu'. Which was released in 1992. Apart from Malayalam, he had worked in around fifty films in Tamil and Kannada film industry. The actor is very famous in the South film industry for his negative characters, even after playing a negative role, people love actor Kajan Khan very much. Today he is no more among us but each of his characters will remain alive in the hearts of people. Fans and everyone in the industry are deeply saddened by the demise of the actor.