Special / The elephant attacked the bus so the driver pacified the elephants anger people said - this is called working with the mind

Zoom News : Oct 02, 2021, 06:01 PM
People like to watch funny videos of elephants. But sometimes elephants prove to be dangerous for humans. A similar video of an elephant is going viral on social media, in which it attacked a bus full of people. During this, the bus driver showed understanding and pacified the elephant's anger. After which people are now praising the mind of this driver. This video is now becoming increasingly viral on social media.

did. He told that this incident is from Nilgiri. Where a bus driver, instead of being afraid and upset by the angry elephant that attacked the bus, calmed the elephant's anger and protected the passengers. Looking at the understanding of this bus driver, the amount of praise that is to be done is also less.

Watch Video:

In the caption of the video, Supriya Sahu has written, I respect this government bus driver of Nilgiris with all my heart. He did not lose his temper even when the elephant attacked and broke the glass of the bus. In this morning's incident, he helped the passengers to stay safe. That's why it is said that a calm mind does wonders. This video has been viewed more than 68 thousand times on social media so far.

In this 1-minute video, you can see that as soon as the driver sees the elephant in front, he backs the bus and makes it stand on one side. But, the elephant comes behind the bus and attacks the bus and breaks its windshield. All the passengers sitting in the bus get nervous. But, the driver takes courage and gets up from his seat and goes backwards in the bus along with the rest of the passengers. So that the elephant could not see the people and calmly go back.