Tai Emery Viral Video / The female boxer lost her senses in the joy of victory, showed her private part by raising the T-shirt. VIDEO went viral

Zoom News : Oct 03, 2022, 08:46 PM
Tai Emery Viral Video: You must have often seen teams or players celebrating after winning the game. Many times, players do such an act in enthusiasm, due to which they become viral on social media. A similar case came to the fore at the UEFA Women's EURO 2022. Where a female footballer celebrated by taking off her T-shirt after scoring a goal. Another case similar to this has come to the fore.

Female boxer showed private part

However, this is not a matter of football. Here a female boxer raised her T-shirt after her victory. According to the media reports, 35-year-old female kickboxer Taye Emiri had won a tremendous victory in her debut match.

people were surprised to see the sight

As soon as she came to know about her victory, she climbed to the ring and raised her T-shirt. Everyone present there was surprised to see a 35-year-old female boxer doing this. Along with this, his action was also captured in the cameras. Now this video of him is becoming very viral on social media.

Such an incident also happened in UEFA Women's EURO

A similar incident had also come to the fore in the past, in which a female footballer took off her T-shirt after scoring a goal. His pictures and videos also became very viral on social media. This was the event of UEFA Women's Euro 2022.

Clue Kelly also took off the T-shirt

In its final match, England defeated Germany. The name of this female player was Clay Kelly. The reason for Clue Kelly to get more excited is also because it was his first goal and the team got the victory from his first goal.

Waiting for the referee's decision

When she scored this goal, she first extended her hand to take off her T-shirt, although she stopped in the middle and started looking at the referee. As soon as the referee approved her goal, she immediately took off her full T-shirt and started running in the field.