Special / The girl became a millionaire in a year by barking earning 7 crores by acting like dogs

Zoom News : Oct 03, 2021, 12:48 PM
In today's time many people are earning money online. From YouTube to Instagram and Facebook, people are also making money. There are also some other websites, which are giving people a chance to earn money sitting at home. In this, the site named OnlyFans is the most famous in foreign countries. Adult content is shared a lot on this site, for which people pay money to see. Recently a woman named And Jena shared that she has earned seven crore rupees in a year through this site. For this, he gave unique content to the people.

And Jenna is also known by the name of Puppy Girl Jenna. Jena told that she is earning a lot of money by acting like dogs. People ask him to act like dogs for his sexual desires. In return, he is paid a hefty fee. Jenna revealed this in a recent interview to the host of YouTube channel named No Jumper. He told that people give him money for acting like dogs, walking on four legs and barking. She makes videos while doing this and shares it online.

Jenna told that many people abuse her but she does not mind.

Account was created for time pass

Jena had created an account on OnlyFans to avoid boredom during the lockdown. He started putting videos on it for fun. Initially he put videos with vanilla ice cream. But once he just put a video in a dog-like pose, which people liked a lot. Then he started getting a lot of demand for more such videos. Jena told that from the month of June last year, she started putting videos on it professionally and now she has earned 7 crores within a year.

Jena has earned 7 crores through such videos in a year

Increases users like this

Jena takes the help of other social media to increase users on the OnlyFans page. Jenna told that she first puts some short clips on Facebook or Instagram. After that deletes her account. In such a situation, those who want to see him compulsively subscribe to Onlyfans. In this way his page gets publicity. Adult content generator Jena told that many people also make negative comments on it. But she is constantly giving such content to her followers, which is being liked a lot.