Country / The groom suddenly started crying in the car then seeing what happened he would be left laughing. Video went viral

Zoom News : Oct 01, 2021, 06:42 PM
Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: Videos related to marriage are very viral in social media. Some of these videos are such that we get emotional as soon as we see it, sometimes it becomes difficult to stop laughing. One such video is being seen a lot on the internet at this time. The video is related to the bride and groom and something happens in it that the laughing cannot stop. Seeing this video of a few seconds, it is known that all the rituals related to marriage have been completed and the bride has sat in the car with the groom to go to the in-laws' house.

It can be seen in the video that when the bride takes off from her family, suddenly the groom started crying. Initially it seems that the groom is really happening, but after a few moments it is known that it was all a joke. Meanwhile, it is most fun to see the reaction of the bride. Actually, when the groom acts to cry, the bride silences him, but later he also laughs.

Netizens are commenting fiercely on this funny video of the bride and groom. One such user tagged his friend and writes - it will be like this, see. It was said in a comment - wow what is the matter