Entertainment / The grooms dance is fun but the real fun comes when the bride begins

Zoom News : Sep 27, 2021, 10:43 AM
Wedding Funny Dance Video: On the occasion of marriage, such a video is going viral, which no one would have expected. Often you must have seen the groom dancing in the procession on the occasion of marriage, but have you ever seen the bride doing the wedding dance? Yes, one such video has brought a glow to the faces of the people. In a video that has gone viral on the internet, it can be seen that at first the groom is dancing fiercely, but the real fun starts when the bride (Dulhan Dance) starts.

Seeing the bride's dance, the eyes will be torn

If you are bored with the groom's dance in the wedding, then now you will feel refreshed after watching the bride's dance in the procession. Yes, seeing this video that is going viral on Instagram, it can be guessed that this marriage is being done outside India in a desi style. When the groom arrives with the procession, he starts dancing with pomp in front of the bride. Seeing her groom dancing, the bride is unable to control herself and then starts dancing by shaking her waist in a pompous style.

The unique dance of the bride won the hearts of the people

After watching the groom's dance, when you see the bride's dance in a strange way, then the smile on your face will increase even more. This video has been shared on Instagram on an account named Shivam. The caption of this video reads, 'When India and Africa meet together...' From the caption it seems that the bride is from an African country, who is marrying an Indian boy according to Indian tradition. Many other users also gave their feedback on this video (Instagram Reels Video).