World Cup 2023 / The journey to the title in front of Team India is not easy – 10 thousand KM challenge

Zoom News : Jun 28, 2023, 08:15 AM
World Cup 2023: Waiting for about 100 more days, then the battle of World Cup 2023 will start. From October 5, the competition between 10 teams will start to become the ODI World Champion in India. Like every time, India will also be a contender for the title. Not only because the team is strong, but also because the tournament is in India. Will India's wait of 12 years be over? The answer to this is hidden in the journey of about 10 thousand kilometers.

The ICC and BCCI released the World Cup schedule together on Tuesday, 27 June. The schedule of the tournament was eagerly awaited as everyone wanted to know when, where and against whom their favorite team would play. Everything is in front now.

9 Matches, 9 Different venues

Each team will have to face the other 9 teams. That means the challenge is equal for all. The only difference is that some teams will play at less venues, while some teams will play at more venues. Being the host, Team India will play all its 9 matches at 9 different venues and this is going to be very challenging for Team India.

The Indian team will play its first match against Australia on 8 October in Chennai. At the same time, on November 11, he will have his last match in Bengaluru. For these 9 matches only, Team India will have to travel a total distance of 8400 kms.

10 thousand KM journey for the title

This is enough in itself, but the title will not be won only by this. For that, the team will have to travel to the semi-finals and then to the finals. This journey to reach the title will make Team India's air journey longer. That is, if Team India plays the final in Ahmedabad on November 19, then by this time India will have covered 9700 kilometers by air.

Apart from this, including the journey from the hotel to the ground on practice and match days, Team India will travel about 10,000 kilometers within 42 days. Obviously, if the title comes in India's lap, then it will not take any time for the players to forget such a long journey and its fatigue.