Covid Update / The number of patients admitted to Mumbai's Kovid Hospital increased by 231% in May

Zoom News : May 31, 2022, 05:26 PM
Mumbai After the recent increase in the cases of corona virus, there is a sudden jump in the number of patients admitted to the ICU of hospitals in Mumbai. There has been an increase of 231 percent in the number of patients hospitalized due to Kovid in May as compared to April. Till Monday, 215 patients were admitted in the city's hospitals, while in April the number of such patients was only 65.

This recent surge in the number of patients has forced the private facilities allotting beds for Kovid patients to prepare. According to the report published in India Today, however, most of the patients admitted in the hospitals are above 60 years of age or they are suffering from other diseases. According to the data, eight out of 10 patients are above 60 years of age and more than two of them are undergoing treatment for other diseases. 'Where cases of infection are increasing, people should wear masks'.

Recently, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope had said that people of those districts of the state should be careful, including wearing masks, where daily cases of corona virus infection are increasing. The mandatory requirement of wearing masks was abolished in the state only last month. A health department official said on Saturday that for the first time in Maharashtra, a sub-form of the Omicron form of corona virus, B.A. Four of 4 and B.A. Three patients of 5 have come forward.

431 new cases of Kovid-19 in Maharashtra

Meanwhile, with 431 new cases of Kovid-19 coming in Maharashtra in the last 24 hours on Monday, the total number of infected people has increased to 78,86,375. There was no case of death during this period. For the last few days, more than 500 cases were coming in the state. On Sunday, there were 550 cases of Kovid-19 in the state. The official said that the death toll remained at 1,47,859. In the last 24 hours, 297 patients were cured. So far 77,35,385 people have defeated the infection in the state.