Covid Vaccine / Will the fourth dose of Covid vaccine have to be administered now? Know what INSACOG said

Zoom News : Dec 25, 2023, 07:00 PM
Covid Vaccine: The number of active cases of Covid in India has crossed 4 thousand. Corona cases are increasing in some states. Besides, the cases of death due to Covid are also increasing. Amidst the increase in Covid cases, many questions are arising in the minds of people regarding the vaccine. The biggest question is that people who have taken the booster dose of Corona, do they need another i.e. fourth dose? These questions are coming because at present Corona cases are increasing all over the world. In the last one month, new cases of Covid have increased by 50 percent.

Cases are increasing due to the new variant of Covid JN.1. About 63 cases of this variant have been registered in India also. After Kerala, this variant is spreading in many states. In such a situation, it is important to know whether the corona vaccine dose should be taken now.

Is a fourth dose of vaccine needed?

According to NK Arora, Chief of SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium i.e. INSACOG in the country, at present there is no need for the fourth dose of Corona vaccine in the country. Even though the cases are increasing, there is no serious danger, however, people who have any serious disease or are above 60 years of age can take the third dose i.e. booster dose for protection. Those who do not have any problem, there is no need to take the fourth dose at present.

Dr. Arora said that the symptoms of the new variant of Corona are currently similar to flu. There does not appear to be any serious problem due to this, however, in view of the increasing cases, all states have been instructed to increase Covid testing and genome sequencing. Due to which new variants can be identified in time. Speaking to The Hindu, Dr Arora said that the JN.1 variant is a sub-variant of Omicron and it does not appear to be very dangerous in India.

Cases are increasing

Covid virus cases are increasing in India. Maximum cases are being reported from Kerala. There are more than 3 thousand active cases of Covid in Kerala. More than 90 percent of the active cases in the entire country are coming from Kerala only. In the last few days, Covid cases have started increasing in the country's capital Delhi also. In such a situation, experts have advised people to be cautious.