Covid New Variants / JN.1 variant cases are increasing at a rapid pace, so many cases in 30 days

Zoom News : Dec 23, 2023, 04:30 PM
Covid New Variants: The Corona epidemic has once again started spreading. The new variant of Covid JN.1 has created panic among the people. Due to the continuously increasing Corona cases, memories of the dreadful scene of two years ago have started becoming fresh. WHO has also expressed concern about the increasing cases of Corona.

52 Percent increase

According to WHO, the number of Covid cases worldwide has increased by 52 percent in the last four weeks. During this period, 8 lakh 50 thousand new cases have been reported. At the same time, compared to the last 28 days, the number of new deaths has decreased by 8 percent, and more than 3 thousand new deaths have been recorded. Globally, more than 1600 patients are admitted in ICU.

Increasing Corona increased concern

WHO has also expressed concern over the continuously increasing Corona cases. The organization says that it is constantly monitoring the situation. Along with this, WHO says that in view of the increasing cases, it is very important to take precautions.

Situation worse than Corona in Singapore

Let us tell you that Corona cases are continuously increasing across the world. Singapore is in the worst condition, Corona cases are continuously increasing here. This is the reason why wearing masks has been made mandatory in Singapore. People have been advised not to go to crowded places. Along with this, Corona cases are also continuously increasing in Indonesia and Malaysia.

752 New cases in India within 24 hours

Talking about India, 752 new cases of Covid have been reported within the last 24 hours. After which the number of active patients has increased to 3420. In the last 24 hours, two patients have died in Kerala and one each in Rajasthan and Karnataka. Kerala is in the worst condition in the country. Corona cases are continuously increasing here.