farmer news / There is also 10 rupees in his pocket the salesman insulted the farmer who went to buy SUV brought 10 lakh cash in 30 minutes

Zoom News : Jan 24, 2022, 01:31 PM
It is said that a person should not be judged by his clothes. A similar mistake was made by a salesman of a car showroom. A farmer (Farmer SUV News) along with his friends reached the car showroom in Tumkur, Karnataka. He had gone to buy his dream car but seeing his clothes, the salesman drove him away. The humiliated farmer returned to buy his dream car with Rs 10 lakh in cash within 30 minutes.

what happened to the farmer in the showroom

The matter happened with Kempegowda RL, a farmer from Ramanpalya in Chikkasandra Hubli. Kempegowda, a betel nut farmer by profession, had reached the showroom to book an SUV. During this, the salesman made fun of him after seeing his costume. The farmer had inquired about Mahindra Bolero. He came to the showroom 2 days back with his friends to finalize the deal. Initially he offered to make a down payment of Rs 2 lakh and take same day delivery. When the sales team refused, he asked for a cash payment of Rs 10 lakh. It is alleged that after this the sales team deliberately made fun of the farmer and commented.

The salesman made fun of him and drove away

The salesman said, ' Rs 10 lakh away, you will not have even Rs 10 in your pocket.' He felt that the farmers had come unnecessarily to waste his time. However, on realizing, he told the farmer that if he brings ten lakh rupees in cash within 25 minutes, then he will give delivery of the car today itself.

Farmer reached the showroom with 10 lakhs, the salesman surprised

Kempegowda also grows jasmine and crossandra in his farm. He immediately called his friends to arrange cash. Collecting ten lakh rupees, he reached the showroom with friends to take delivery of the SUV. The sales team told them that they need at least 3 days for the delivery of the vehicle.

Farmers created ruckus in the showroom

The car could not be delivered after the incident on Friday. The employees expressed their helplessness as Saturday and Sunday were government holidays. This angered Kempegowda and his friends. He called the police to file a complaint.

The video of the incident went viral on Saturday. The farmers surrounded the showroom and were not ready to move out. Somehow the policemen of Tilak Park police station persuaded them to go home.

Farmer said- apologize in writing, showroom worker

Kempegowda said, 'I have asked the sales executives and showroom officials to apologize in writing for insulting me and my friends... Now, I don't want the car. He warned of a sit-in in front of the showroom on Monday.