Outcry from Corona in China / There is also a ban on taking delivery of goods in Shanghai-Beijing, public outrage is spreading

Zoom News : May 10, 2022, 01:04 PM
There is an outcry in China due to Corona. Restrictions were tightened in the capital Beijing and the commercial capital Shanghai on Monday. Lakhs of people imprisoned in homes were also stopped from taking delivery of goods. Due to this, public outrage is increasing.

On May 9, 3,475 new cases of corona were reported in China. Of these, symptoms of corona were found in 357 people and no symptoms of corona were found in 3118 people. So far 5191 people have died in China.

Lockdown in Shanghai for one and a half months

This time China seems to be lagging behind in the prevention of Corona. Questions are also being raised on its zero covid policy. The lockdown has been in force in Shanghai for one and a half months. Restrictions have been tightened to prevent infection. There is no official announcement yet. People in four of Shanghai's 16 districts were given notices at the end of the week that they could not leave their homes. They can't even take delivery of the goods. Earlier, roaming in the residential area was allowed.

protest against restrictions intensified

Opposition to the new sanctions in Shanghai is increasing. Koko Wang, a resident, says that it is like a prison. We are afraid of policies, not of corona virus. On the other hand, the most stringent restrictions have been announced so far in Beijing. In southwest Beijing, people have been barred from leaving their homes. People have been asked to work from home. Public transport has also been closed. Many buildings and parks have also been sealed.

serious impact on the economy

China's economy has also been badly affected by the latest wave of Corona. The country's export growth is at its weakest in almost two years. This has had a negative impact on other sectors of the economy.