PM Modi US Visit / There is no discrimination against anyone in India, on raising questions on democracy - PM Modi's befitting reply

Zoom News : Jun 23, 2023, 07:49 AM
PM Modi US Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached the White House on the second day of the US tour. Here President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden welcomed the PM's red carpet. At the same time, after the bilateral talks, the leaders of both the countries issued a statement during the joint press conference and answered the questions. During this, Prime Minister Modi was asked what steps the Government of India is taking for the minorities.

In response to this, PM Narendra Modi said that I am surprised that you are saying that people say. People say no but India is democratic. As President Biden said, democracy is in the DNA of both India and America.

The question of favoritism does not arise: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi said that democracy is in our veins, we live democracy. Our forefathers have put it into words. Our constitution and our government, and we have proved that democracy can deliver. When I say delivery, caste, creed, religion, any kind of discrimination has no place there. When you say democracy, there is no question of favoritism.

The whole of Australia in our train compartment

The Prime Minister said that climate has a very important place in our cultural tradition. We do not believe in exploitation of nature. He said that by the year 2030, we have set a target of net zero of Indian Railways. To say India's railway means that every day we have the whole of Australia in our train compartment, our country is so big.

Emphasis on resolving the dispute through diplomacy

He said that the countries of the Global South have especially suffered from the Kovid epidemic and the Ukraine conflict. We are of the opinion that it is necessary for all countries to unite to solve these problems. Since the beginning of the developments in Ukraine, India has insisted on resolving this dispute through dialogue and diplomacy. I thank President Biden for his support of my proposal to make Africa a full member of the G20.