Shameful / There were young men and women in such a condition in the women's toilet, seeing the female constable's senses, fiercely created a ruckus

Zoom News : Feb 23, 2022, 09:27 AM
On Monday evening, a company manager and a girl were doing obscene acts in the women's toilet near Sector-62 roundabout in Noida. Seeing both of them in an objectionable position, the lady constable interrupted them and both said that your job is to give security to people like us.

After this, the police brought both of them to the police station and challaned them. According to the police, when caught, the young man started making noise saying that it was a private life. So many people gathered. Both started arguing with the female constable for a long time.

After a while the police reached there and brought both of them to Kotwali Sector-58. The police took him into custody after registering a case of breach of peace and other sections. The youth has been identified as Ankit, who is a manager in a Sector-6 company.