Bold Web Series / These 6 OTT web series are full of bold scenes, cross all limits of hotness, watch alone

Zoom News : Jun 18, 2023, 10:57 AM
Bold Web Series: Babu Bhaiya, this is the era of OTT. Nowadays, one gets to watch more than one movies and webseries on digital platforms, but there is some content which cannot be seen at all with the family. Because she is 18+. If you have started watching these webseries with your family even by cheating, then you will have to face a lot of embarrassment.

Let us tell which are the Top 5 Bold Web Series, which you cannot watch with your family. Which can only be seen in private.

1. Mirzapur (Mirzapur): Mirzapur, which created panic in the world of web series, is the most popular series of Amazon. Its craze is not hidden from anyone. A lot of bold scenes have also been inserted in this, which you cannot see with the family at all. Total 2 seasons of the series have come so far and the third season is also going to be released very soon. Rasika Duggal has given very destructive bold scenes in Mirzapur.

2. Rasbhari (Raspberry): Rasbhari is one of the boldest web series of Amazon, in which Swara Bhaskar played the lead role. The series is full of bold scenes. The story is about Shanu Bansal, an English teacher teaching in a small school in Meerut, whose entry makes the children crazy. At the same time, her boldness drives people crazy and the talk of Miss Sanu's boldness spreads like fire everywhere.

3. Fore More Shots Please (Four More Shots Please): One of the most watched web series of all time is Four More Shots Please. So far 2 seasons of this web series have come. These web series are available on Amazon. Also, don't watch this web series with family even by mistake. Otherwise, one may have to face embarrassment in the hobby of watching web series full of boldness.

4. Made in Heaven: Made in Heaven drama revolves around two wedding planners. Bold scenes have been filmed in the name of romance. Sobhita Dhulipal has given these bold scenes, which will blow your mind. There are many such strong characters in this series who have been chosen only to make the entire series bold.

5. Charitraheen (Charitraheen): Charitraheen is one of the bold series streamed on MX Player, which can be watched anytime with the family. There are a lot of bold scenes in this series and there are some scenes in which all the limits of obscenity have been crossed. Let us tell you that this web series is known only for its bold scenes and content. Don't make the mistake of watching it even without earphones.

6. Palang Tod Siskiyan (Palang Tod Siskiyan): Palang Tod Siskiyan web series is about the romance of 'daughter-in-law and father-in-law'. Talking about the cast, Noor Malbika is playing the lead role in the series along with actor Tarakesh Chauhan is seen in the opposite role, playing the role of 'father-in-law'.