Gadgets / These dangerous mistakes causes smartphone blast

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 03:58 PM
Smartphone Blast: If you are careless with the smartphone, then you should keep in mind that it can also explode, today we are going to tell you how you can save it from the blast.

Never keep your smartphone in a place that is excessively hot or cold, in fact it affects the battery of the smartphone. If you do this again and again then your smartphone's battery can explode. In such a situation, pay attention to the temperature while keeping the smartphone anywhere. With this you can keep the smartphone safe.

If you are charging the smartphone with a duplicate charger, then doing so has a bad effect on the battery. Many times the battery starts charging faster than required or it is charged at a lower speed than required and due to this its flow gets spoiled. If this is done repeatedly with the battery, then the battery becomes excessively hot and the possibility of blast increases.

If you want to save your smartphone from blast, then do not charge it with any other person's smartphone charger, because of this there may be a problem in the smartphone. Actually, the charger of the other person's smartphone can be of more power and in such a situation the battery can get overheated, due to which the battery can explode.

If you are buying a new battery for the smartphone, then buy only branded battery because if you do not do this and get a duplicate battery installed in the smartphone, then there is a great possibility that the battery may explode. Many such cases have come to the fore in which duplicate smartphones have been blasted due to battery.

Never keep the smartphone in the pocket for a long time because due to this, the smartphone gets excessively hot many times and there can be a big explosion in its battery which can also prove to be dangerous.