Delhi Liquor Scam / Third petition from Delhi HC to remove Kejriwal from the post of CM also rejected, court reprimanded

Zoom News : Apr 10, 2024, 02:59 PM
Delhi Liquor Scam: While CM Kejriwal's troubles are increasing in the liquor scam case, the Delhi High Court has strongly reprimanded former AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar by rejecting his third petition. Besides, the court has also imposed a fine of Rs 50 thousand on the petitioner. Delhi High Court asked the petitioner whether there is any order in which the High Court or the Supreme Court has directed the removal of any CM, if any, please tell. You are wasting the court's time by filing this petition and that is why we are imposing a heavy fine on you.

The court further said that do not give political speeches inside the court, go to some corner of the street to give the speech. Your petitioners will be political persons but the court does not run on the basis of political ambitions. You have made fun of the system. We are imposing a fine of Rs 50 thousand on you. On the petition of former AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar, Delhi said that we have already rejected the petition in Kejriwal's case.

The court commented strongly

When the lawyer read out a judgment in the court and said that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had been removed from his post, the court expressed displeasure and said that this was a judgment of conviction and due to this he had become disqualified. The court asked the petitioner's counsel that we will impose heavy fine on you and this cannot go on every day, this is your third petition. The court said that a detailed order will be passed on this. The court said that it is because of petitioners like you that the court is made fun of outside.