Special / This Bride Knit Her Own Wedding Dress In 9 Months Check It Out Here

Zoom News : Jun 22, 2021, 11:29 AM
Special | Every girl dreams about what color and type of wedding dress should be. Every bride wants to wear the world's best dress on the most special day of her life. In such a situation, if the wedding is of a designer, then she definitely tries to do something unique. One such bride is designer Esther Andrews, who decided to hand weave her wedding dress to make it special. Not only this, Esther Andrews prepared her wedding dress on the New York City subway while commuting to work.

The bride has shared a video on Instagram while making her wedding dress. In his post, he has given information about the complete process and time taken to make Tomato Wedding Dress for marriage.

In the opening frame of her video, the girl wrote, "I knit my wedding dress on the NYC subway subway in 9 months and this is its journey." The girl said that she used more than 4 miles (about 21,000 feet) of mohair lace to create ruffles, long sleeves and other parts of the dress.

"When it came time to stitch everything together, I was scared," the girl said. She continued, "Thankfully she was fine, so I could have planted some tomatoes in her." Not only this, Andrews said that she has also prepared dresses for her friends and the groom. The groom's outfit resembles an astronaut's suit.

People are very fond of the wedding dress and the way it is prepared is also appreciating it a lot.

In his post, Andrews thanked those who liked the video on Tik Tok. She wrote, "It was very special to share this process and very well appreciated by all of you. I will share more about how we made everything else for our wedding."