Sologamy Marriage / This girl from Gujarat will take seven rounds without a groom, Sindur will fill in the demand… will marry herself

Zoom News : Jun 02, 2022, 08:38 PM
Sologamy Marriage: Girls have different desires regarding marriage. If there are many wishes regarding marriage, then there are many types of marriages in the society. Cases of all types of marriages like polygamy, inter-caste marriage, inter-religious marriage, gay marriage, Tulsi marriage keep coming up, so now about marriage. One such marriage is in discussion, yes we are talking about a 24-year-old pardon point of Gujarat who is going to marry herself on June 11. Forgiveness has made all the preparations for her marriage, but the surprising thing is that in this marriage there will be no groom sitting with her in the pavilion.

Yes, forgiveness is not going to marry a groom but to himself and for this he has booked everything from lehenga to parlor and jewellery.

It is the desire of forgiveness that she wants to marry herself with full customs. She will also apply vermilion in her marriage, will also take seven rounds, will also take all the vows to fulfill the marriage but will do all this not with any groom but with herself.

Why did you decide to marry yourself?

Sorry had told that she never wanted to get married. But it was her dream to be a bride. So he decided to marry himself. Sorry had also searched for that someone had married himself before him but even after searching all, he could not find any. Then Kshama decides that she will marry herself, regarding the marriage, Kshama says that she will set an example as perhaps the first girl in the country to marry herself.

Sorry works in a private firm. Marrying oneself, he said, is a commitment to oneself, to be loved unconditionally. It is an act of self-acceptance. People marry someone they love. i love myself So I decided to marry myself.

Will go on honeymoon too

Forgiveness pointed out that marrying oneself may be considered irrelevant by some. But what I want to show is that women matter. His parents are open-minded and they blessed the marriage, he said. Kshama will be married from a temple of the gotri. Have written five vows to myself to take in marriage. Not only this, forgiveness will also go on honeymoon after marriage. For this she has chosen Goa where she will stay for two weeks.

Forgiveness said that some people may consider marrying themselves irrelevant. But what I want to show is that women matter. He said that his parents are open minded and he agreed to the marriage and they blessed the marriage. Kshama has chosen the temple of Gotri for marriage, Kshama told that he has written five vows to marry himself. Not only this, after marriage she will also go on honeymoon. For this she has chosen Goa where she will stay for two weeks.

What is Sologamy after all?

Sologamy or autogamy refers to the marriage of a person to himself. Proponents of sologamy argue that marrying oneself is an affirmation of self-worth. It leads to a happy life. It is also called self marriage.