Country / This is how you can become a partner of Tata Group by investing only 10 thousand rupees there will be big earning every month

Zoom News : Oct 05, 2021, 12:21 PM
1MG is one such company of pharmacy, which provides home delivery of medicines after uploading the prescription to the people sitting at home. Now it is expanding its business in every region of the country so that it can reach more and more people.- know all about Tata 1MG franchise

Tata 1MG franchise Healthcare and Pharmacy is one such sector which does not face any kind of crisis. Even if you start pharmacy related business in rural areas, then your business will do well. – know all about Tata 1MG franchise

You must have heard the name of online pharmacy 1MG. At present, e-pharmacy 1MG Tata Digital holds a major stake. Today thousands of people are earning good money from this franchise.- know all about Tata 1MG franchise

A program has been launched by the Tata Group, named 'Sehat ke Sathi', this program is a lead generation program. Under this, you are given an area where you have to find new customers for 1MG and the more customers you create for this company, the more you will get commission.- know all about Tata 1MG franchise

Pharmacy degree is required to open a medical shop

If someone wants to start a medical shop, then for this they must have a degree in pharmacy. Not only this, the investment for this is also high. The most difficult thing is to get a drug license in it. In such a situation, one can connect with the owner of the medical shop through the sehat ke sathi program of 1MG. As this is an affiliate program, the more people you connect with 1MG, the more commission you will get.- know all about Tata 1MG franchise

To become a partner of health, you have to invest only 10 thousand. In return for this investment, you will get a sugar checking machine, blood pressure checking machine as well as 500 visiting cards. The commission received in this is usually 10 percent of the value and sometimes it can be more or less. As per the information given on the website, more than 100 people have joined the 1MG program so far.- know all about Tata 1MG franchise

E-pharmacy business is growing very fast

Online pharmacy can prove to be a very good field of work for the future. According to a report, it has been claimed that India's e-pharmacy business can be up to $ 2.7 billion (about Rs 17 thousand crore) by the year 2023. At present it is worth $ 360 million ( 2500 crores).- know all about Tata 1MG franchise

History of 1MG

1MG was founded in the year 2015 by Prashant Tandon and Gaurav Agarwal. its website

According to the information given on the website, there are medical facilities like online doctor, medicine, lab test and lab blood test. Along with English medicines, Ayurvedic medicines are also available here. Apart from all this, every facility related to corona virus is also available here.

1MG currently delivers health products in more than 1800 small to big cities of the country. So far, around 27 million (2.7 crore) orders have been delivered with the help of this business. – know all about Tata 1MG franchise