Karnataka Politics / This strong leader challenged CM Siddaramaiah- 'I know how to become CM and...'

Zoom News : Jul 22, 2023, 01:53 PM
Karnataka Politics: Congress MLC and strong leader BK Hariprasad, who missed out on making a place in the Karnataka cabinet, has taken a rebellious stand. Challenging Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Hariprasad called upon the backward classes to unite to unearth the conspiracy against him. With this, the internal discord of the Karnataka Congress has come to the fore. A speech by Hariprasad, close to the Gandhi family, has become important in the current political scenario of Karnataka. He was speaking at a meeting of community leaders of Ediga, Bilawa and Diwara castes at a private hotel on Friday.

Congress in trouble before Lok Sabha elections?

Differences between CM Siddaramaiah and Deputy CM DK Shivakumar seemed to be getting resolved now that Hariprasad's rebellious attitude has put Congress in worry ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Hariprasad belongs to the influential Ediga community and is the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. Hariprasad, known for his fiery speeches against the RSS and Hindutva, was expected to find a place in the cabinet. Hariprasad said, 'Whether I will get a place in the cabinet or not is a different matter. I have played a role in the selection of five chief ministers of the Congress. The CM of Chhattisgarh is not my relative. I have made a backward class leader the CM. I know very well how to make a CM and how to dethrone him.

'We do not solicit for posts'

Hariprasad said that he would not beg for the post. Indirectly targeting CM Siddaramaiah, he said, 'Our own people come with him, we should not exploit. Leaders of Ediga, Bilawa, Diwara communities are not coming forward. Despite all the efforts, he is not able to come forward in politics. Seeing this, a doubt arises whether the leaders of the community are falling prey to the conspiracy. CM Siddaramaiah is from backward class. We supported him in 2013 with the intention of uniting. After giving support, we do not solicit for posts.

'These communities are in a decisive position on 11 seats'

Hariprasad further said, “We had sought a grant of Rs 5 crore for Koti Channaya Park in Karkala town of Udupi district. CM Siddaramaiah had promised to provide funds but till date it has not been allowed. He is not in a position to help me politically. Backward class is not limited to any one caste. We come under different classes and castes. Everyone should get equal rights. Ediga, Bilawa and Diwara communities are in a decisive position in 11 assembly seats. I was also on the election committee. Four candidates from these communities missed out on tickets.

'We have to organize, otherwise we will be exploited'

The Congress leader said, “Minorities were given tickets in Mangaluru North and South seats. On the pretext of giving tickets to minorities, our candidates have been denied tickets to contest elections. Future generations should get the benefit. We have to organize, otherwise we will be exploited. According to sources, Hariprasad's rebellious attitude has irked the Congress leadership as the party is not in a position to deal with internal bickering at this point of time. In the coming Lok Sabha elections, the Congress wants to capitalize on the landslide victory of the assembly, but it will be very difficult to do so in the situation of discord.