Country / To get rid of the increased petrol prices install CNG kit in your bike the bike will run at a low cost

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 01:09 PM
As everyone knows, due to the increased prices of petrol and diesel in India, the pocket money of the drivers has doubled. In such a situation, as the price of petrol is increasing, new opportunities for alternative fuel are also coming in the market. In this episode, the CNG kit for the scooter has come in the market.

On one hand, while the price of petrol is Rs 90 per liter, the cost of CNG is around Rs 47-49 per litre. After the CNG kit, the scooter also starts giving an average of up to 80 km. In such a situation, for those who drive scooters from CNG, they have brought complete details related to it. Let us know the complete information about it.

LOVATO has launched CNG kit

Let us tell you that no company in India is currently selling a scooter with a CNG kit. But Lovato is one such company, which has launched CNG kit for scooter in the market and it started with Honda's Activa. If anyone has a Honda Activa, then he can get a CNG kit installed.

How much will it cost to install a CNG kit?

Lovato's CNG kit can be installed in Activa at a cost of only 15 thousand rupees. If you drive the scooter properly every day, then this price will be recovered within a year.

Activa will also run on petrol

Some people must be thinking that after installing CNG kit in Honda Activa, it will not run on petrol. In such a situation, let us tell you that after installing it, it will also run on petrol, because while installing the CNG kit, a switch is installed in it, so that the drivers can run on CNG or petrol as per their wish.

How long does CNG take to fit?

It takes 4 hours to install it on Honda Activa. The Activa is further covered by black plastic by putting 2 cylinders ahead. Apart from this, the machine operating the CNG kit is installed under the seat.

What will happen after getting CNG kit installed?

After installing this kit if you run Activa with CNG kit it runs with less power. This will make it difficult for any other vehicle to overtake.

The cylinder with CNG kit is 1.2 KG. Once it is filled, it travels only 120 to 130 km, so it will need to be filled again and again.