Special / Trending news another world found in china man reaches first time

Zoom News : Jul 12, 2022, 06:28 PM
New World Found In China: Man has reached sea and space after earth and is also trying to find out about many mysteries here. But there are still many such places left on earth where humans have not been able to reach. Recently, one such place has come to know which is quite mysterious. People call it 'another world'. This place is in the neighboring country of India, China. Even sunlight does not reach this place located in the forests of China. Recently, for the first time, a human has reached this place. It is very beautiful to look at.

Locals say 'another world'

This 'second world' located in the forests of China's Ley County, India's neighboring country, is actually a huge crater. An investigative team has discovered this pit. The people living here call it 'Shenying Tiancheng'. The local people believed that there was no end to this pit. At the same time, they considered it as 'another world'. However, after the arrival of an investigative team, many things have come to the fore.

Due to this reason sunlight does not reach

According to the reports, the width of this huge 630 feet pit located amidst dense forests is 490 feet. The investigative team has found three ways to go inside this pit. The team told that there are 130 feet high trees inside this pit which are inclined towards the path going inside. This is the reason why sunlight cannot reach inside it. But from inside it looks very beautiful.

New species of plants may exist

Not only this, so far 30 such pits have been found here. Experts believe that due to the strong flow of water, the mountains must have sunk inwards, due to which these huge pits would have been formed. However, it is not yet proved how these pits were formed. The investigative team has also taken pictures here. It is being told that new species of trees and plants can also be present here.