Entertainment News / Udit Narayan's granddaughter looks exactly like a doll, netizens are crazy about Tvisha looking at her every detail

Zoom News : Apr 06, 2024, 07:00 AM
Entertainment News: Singer Udit is known for his evergreen songs. The singer has a full family. Singer's son Aditya Narayan is also a singer like him and he also hosts TV shows. Aditya has a cute daughter, whose name is Tvisha Narayan. Tvisha Narayan is very cute and we are not saying this, but this video of her that has surfaced proves it. Tvisha was recently spotted with her mother, where after seeing her, the eyes of the netizens were fixed on her. People are praising Twisha a lot.

Netizens became fans of Twisha

Actually, Aditya Narayan's daughter Tvisha had reached an event with mother Shweta Aggarwal, where Debina and Gauhar Khan had also reached with their children. This event was nothing but the birthday celebration of Debina and Gurmeet's daughter. During this time, Tvisha was seen looking at bits and pieces in her mother's lap. She carried a pink colored frock. Along with this, two small buns were made in the hair. His mother was seen in a multi-colored short dress. Tvisha was looking exactly like a princess. After seeing her, a fan wrote, 'She is overshadowing every star kid.' Only after this, another person wrote, 'She is like Ranbir's daughter Raha.' Another person wrote, 'Bollywood starkids have failed in front of this.' A lot of such comments were seen.

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Became a father after two years of marriage

Let us tell you, Aditya and Shweta got married on 1 December 2020. After dating for a long time, both of them decided to get married. There was a lot of discussion about their marriage. Aditya and Shweta met each other during the shooting of their first Bollywood film 'Shapit'. From here the romance between the two started. After two years of marriage, both became mother and father of their daughter. Its good news was shared by Udit Narayan himself. He showed everyone a glimpse of his granddaughter and told that Lakshmi has come to his house. Both Aditya and Udit keep sharing cute pictures of Twisha.