Unacademy vs Karan Sangwan / Unacademy company told why the teacher was fired - said 'vote the educated'

Zoom News : Aug 18, 2023, 08:02 AM
Unacademy vs Karan Sangwan: The matter of firing of one of its teachers by Unacademy is getting bigger now. A video of a teacher named Karan Sangwan was viral on social media, in which he was appealing people to vote only for educated candidates. After the uproar over this statement, the teacher was fired by the Unacademy, now Karan has started his own YouTube channel and will give a detailed answer on the controversy on August 19.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also jumped into this controversy and supported this teacher. Kejriwal questioned how making such an appeal became a crime. The company's co-founder Roman Saini gave a statement on the whole controversy, he said that Karan violated the contract, which is the reason why he parted ways.

What statement did the company give?

Roman Saini said in his statement that a code of conduct has been set for all teachers working in the academy, in which everyone is appealed to be fair. Classroom is not a place where you put forth your personal opinion and influence the thinking of the students. This is the reason why we have to disassociate ourselves from Karan Sangwan.

Karan Sangwan has said in the clarification of this whole controversy that for a few days a video of mine has gone viral, in which a statement has been made an issue. Because of this I have come into controversy and many of my students have also been targeted, it has affected me as well.

Rhetoric also intensified in the case of removal of Karan Sangwan by Unacademy, from political people to people from other fields questioned the company's decision. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said whether it is a crime to appeal people to vote for educated people. If someone is illiterate, I respect him. But the people's representative should be educated, because this is the time of science and technology and in such a situation, your people's representative should be prepared.