Electricity / Unannounced power cut in Rajasthan due to shortage of coal

Vikrant Shekhawat : Aug 29, 2021, 12:59 AM

Due to the lack of coal in Rajasthan, the massive power disaster has deepened. All the units of Kalisindh and Suratgarh Thermal Plant have come to a standstill. Due to this disaster, unannounced power cuts have commenced in rural regions of the state. The situation of power scarcity has to turn out to be so dire that the state authorities have to interrupt the ceiling and purchase steeply-priced electricity as much as Rs 20 per unit. Energy Minister BD Kalla and Principal Secretary Dinesh Kumar have come to Delhi and commenced talks with the Ministry of Coal and companies.

BD Kalla stated that the states wherein call blocks are allotted to Rajasthan. There is a hassle withinside the call supply because of water filling in them. At the equal time, during this season the power plant of North India is maintained, because of which approximately 20% of the plants here are closed, consequently, this example has arisen. Apart from this, because of the loss of rain, mainly in Rajasthan, the intake of agricultural strength has multiplied via way of means of 7 crore units per day. 

The demand is 30 crore units in percentage to the manufacturing of 31 crore units per day, whilst the manufacturing is 23 crore units, so to fulfil the demand, the state authorities are attempting to shop for electricity from exceptional states at steeply-priced prices, even where strength is available.

Kalla stated that we have mentioned in detail with the officers of Call India and the Union Power Ministry. Hopefully, an answer will pop out withinside the subsequent 6-7 days. BD Kalla stated that at present the state desires nine rakes of coal, while delivery is being carried out only for 4. 5 rakes. To repair this, coal is likewise being introduced via way of means of road and efforts are being made to increase solar-wind power production.