Urfi Javed on Bollywood / Urfi Javed's big statement regarding entry in Bollywood, also broke silence on casting director

Zoom News : May 25, 2022, 07:06 PM
Urfi Javed on Bollywood: Urfi Javed always remains in limelight due to her strange clothes and outspoken rhetoric. His discussions are everywhere but still Urfi is not getting work. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Urfi Javed told many such things that you will be surprised to know.

Urfi wears such clothes because of attention

During the interview with Times, Urfi Javed told many things from his clothes to his entry in Bollywood. When Urfi was asked in the interview whether she wears such clothes to get attention? In response, Urfi said that 'Those who say that they do not want attention, they lie. Everyone likes attention. I am not getting movies. So am I not doing myself good in this way?'

Urfi's outspoken statement about Bollywood

Why are you not getting work in films? Responding to this question, Urfi Javed said that 'Bollywood does not belong to my father. If I think that I will get the job soon then it will be wrong. I need to give at least 5 years in Bollywood right now.

What did Urfi say about the casting direct?

Urfi was asked about the casting director in the film industry, have you started sending them photos? On this Urfi Javed said that 'I think every casting director will know that there is also Urfi Javed.'

Unfair urfi about the dress

Urfi Javed was recently seen wearing a dress made of glass. When Urfi was asked on this, he said that 'The definition of boldness is different for every person. Earlier if women used to wear jeans after marriage then it was called bold but now they roam around wearing bikini even on vacation.