US Air Force / US will destroy enemies with AI, will fly the most powerful fighter jet

Zoom News : Apr 11, 2024, 08:20 AM
US Air Force: America will now destroy enemies with the help of Artificial Intelligence. For this, the US Air Force is preparing a fleet of more than 1000 drones. The special thing is that this fleet also includes F-16 fighter jets, which are considered dangerous and have the capability to destroy the enemy in the blink of an eye. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall gave this information to the US Senate. He also told that he himself is going to sit in the cockpit of F-16, which has recently been prepared for flight with AI. He told that he is going to do this so that he can see for himself how this fighter jet equipped with artificial intelligence performs in the air.

America therefore prepared

Kendall also told the Defense Infantry members that the drone war is expanding rapidly. Drones have become a big threat especially in Ukraine and the Middle East. Even in Ukraine, civilians are being targeted every day. Especially in the Middle East, Houthi and other terrorist groups are continuously targeting American and other commercial ships through drones. They are using air drones, water drones. According to Kendall, when he will fly in the F-16 fighter jet, there will be a pilot with him who, just like me, will see how this aircraft will work.

F-16 fighter jet is very special

America's fighter jet F-16 is considered to be the most reliable and safe fighter aircraft in the world. That is why the President of Ukraine was continuously demanding this aircraft to deal with Russia. More than 25 countries around the world use this aircraft, including Pakistan. This fight jet can fly more than 15 thousand km high. Its range is more than 4 thousand km. The speed is approximately 2200 km per hour. This is a fourth generation fighter jet which can carry air-to-air missiles along with it. Its radar system is also very strong which can detect 20 activities simultaneously within a radius of about 80 km.

US has been working on the plan for many years

The US Air Force had started working on a plan to operate its fleet with Artificial Intelligence several years ago. Now America can also operate fighter jets with AI. However, America has not yet made it clear what this fleet will actually be like. It will consist solely of war planes or some small drones will also be included in it. According to Candle, by flying in the F-16 he will observe the technology behind the future fleet.

Preparation especially for China

It is believed that this preparation of America has been done especially keeping China in mind. In fact, China is continuously modernizing its war capabilities. Due to air defense systems, sending manned crews close to China becomes risky. In such a situation, drones and AI operated aircraft can penetrate the enemy's encirclement. It is said that earlier this aircraft could only take retaliatory action, but now it can do other tasks also. America claims that AI-powered fighter jets will be cheaper than manned jets.