Business News / Warren Buffet said this for India, said- his company will take this initiative in future

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 06, 2024, 12:40 PM
Business News: World's leading and well-known billionaire investor Warren Buffet said that there are undiscovered opportunities in the Indian market, which his group's holding company Berkshire Hathaway would like to explore in the future. Buffett's comments came during Berkshire's annual meeting on Friday. Rajiv Agarwal of US-based hedge fund Visionary Advisors, which invests in Indian equities, had asked him about Berkshire's prospects in India, the world's fifth-largest economy. According to language news, Buffett was told that this is a very good question. I am sure there are a lot of opportunities in countries like India.

Said this about India

According to the news, Berkshire Hathaway co-founder, chairman and CEO said that, however, the question is whether we have any edge or insight or any contact about those businesses in India which are doing transactions through Berkshire's participation. Make it possible. On this he said that more energetic management in Berkshire can take it forward.

Buffett (93) said that Berkshire has a very high reputation around the world. He said that his experience in Japan has been very interesting. Regarding India, he said that there may be an opportunity which has not been discovered or which has not been paid attention to. But this may happen in future.

What did you say about the stake in Apple?

Buffett recently answered a number of questions related to some of the major investment decisions taken by Berkshire Hathaway. There was also a question related to reducing stake in Apple. He clarified that this has no bearing on the stock's long-term outlook and that Apple will likely remain one of his largest holdings despite the recent downturn. He also told shareholders that Vice Chairman Greg Abel and Ajit Jain have proven themselves to lead Berkshire after his departure.