Lok Sabha Elections / What is Congress's 'Mission-135'? On which the war room is working like this

Zoom News : May 16, 2024, 08:25 AM
Lok Sabha Elections: Four out of seven phases of voting have been done for the Lok Sabha elections. Voting is to be held in three phases. On one hand, this time BJP is claiming victory on more seats than the seats won in the last elections. At the same time, the focus of Congress is to capture as many seats as possible. For this, full strength has been put in. The war room of Congress is playing a very important role in this election. It is burdened with all the work of the party like Congress leadership rallies, press conferences, newspaper headlines, digital publicity, social media and surveys.

The most important of these are the 130 Lok Sabha seats, which Congress has kept on priority. Congress has invested all its resources on these. The party hopes that out of 326 Lok Sabha seats, there are 135 A category seats which it can win easily. Issues like caste equation, candidates, reservation and constitution are proving effective on these seats.

War room gives information to the candidate

The war room conducts surveys from time to time. After this, information about this is given to the Congress leadership and the candidate. The work of the war room is divided into several parts. There is a team which handles the entire social media work. The second team collects information from news published in newspapers and prepares a detailed report.

Apart from this, the war room gives information to the leadership about the candidates demanding the rally of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, former President Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi or Secretary Pilot. The program is decided after reviewing that seat in Sunil Konugolu's survey. Apart from this, the social media team sends videos made for the promotion of Congress to big leaders. So that they can post those videos on their social media handles.

A team takes these decisions

Another team works to organize press conferences of Congress leaders. Where is the press conference of which leaders going to be held? Where to send which leader on which issue? All this work is also done by the war room team. Initially the responsibility of the war room was given to Tamil Nadu leader Senthil. Later he was made the Lok Sabha candidate from Tamil Nadu.

For this reason, the already prepared group is handling the work collectively. The important thing is that in the programs being decided by the Gandhi family, care is being taken that those seats are won by Congress or the alliance, so that later In order to avoid this sarcasm, the Gandhi family had to face defeat in the seats on which they campaigned.