Technical / WhatsApp Facebook and instagram down users are complaining issues

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2021, 09:56 PM
Technical | Instant messaging apps WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have been down in many parts of the world. Several users are taking to Twitter to complain that they are unable to access their WhatsApp, Facebook and Insta accounts. WhatsApp users are unable to send or receive text messages. Also, voice and video calls are also not able to be done.

'Sorry, something went wrong'

WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook and work on shared infrastructure. Facebook issued a message on its website saying, 'Sorry, something has gone wrong. We are working on it, and we will fix it as soon as possible. While issuing a statement, WhatsApp said, 'We know that some people are having trouble running WhatsApp at this time. Our team is working to fix this technical fault. A new update will be given to you soon.

Facebook closed on prime time

In India, 9 pm is called prime time because it is the time when most people spend their time on TV or social media sites. A user said on Twitter that the server of Famous Social Networking at 9 o'clock is not worth it. At the same time, the website, which tracks web services, also reported a sharp increase in user complaints.