Ethics Committee / 'Who do you talk to at night' - MP angry at Mahua for asking questions

Zoom News : Nov 02, 2023, 09:30 PM
Ethics Committee: In the matter of asking 'cash first question', opposition MPs walked out of the Ethics Committee meeting, accusing TMC MP Mahua Moitra of asking personal questions. Opposition MPs accused Mahua Moitra of asking 'personal and unethical' questions in the Ethics Committee meeting. Opposition MPs Girdhari Yadav, Danish Ali, Uttam Reddy, Natarajan, Vaithalingam walked out.

After making this complaint, opposition MPs including Mahua Maitra walked out of the meeting on Thursday. Let us tell you that Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra was called for questioning in Parliament in the 'questions for cash' case. Coming out from there, Mahua said to the media, “What kind of meeting is this?” They are asking dirty questions.

The Parliamentary Ethics Committee had called Mahua Moitra on Thursday to hear her statement on the 'cash-for-questions' issue. Opposition MPs including Mahua came out of that meeting.

Chairman of Parliament's Ethics Committee, Vinod Sonkar, said that Mahua Moitra used unethical words on the committee and the chairman of the committee. Instead of answering she became angry. Danish Ali, Girdhari Yadav and other opposition MPs were very angry and tried to accuse the committee of being unethical and walked out. Vinod Sonkar said that the committee will sit and decide the further action.

Appearance before the Ethics Committee

Actually, Mahua Moitra appeared before the Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha today in the cash case. There was a lot of chaos during the meeting. During the appearance of Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, opposition MPs in the committee made serious allegations against Chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar. Along with this, all the MPs including Danish Ali, Girdhari Yadav came out of the meeting angrily along with Mahua Moitra. While talking to the media after coming out, he alleged that he was asking very personal questions to a woman, which is completely wrong.

Accused of asking personal and immoral questions to Mahua

Opposition MPs said “personal and immoral” questions were asked in the meeting. During that meeting, an MP gave detailed information about it to the media.

Mahua said that during the meeting he placed his hand on her cheek. “Bad” has also been said about him. “This is too much,” another opposition MP said as he walked out of the meeting. According to sources, 'personal' questions like which hotel Mahua was in at night and who she talked to were also asked.

According to a source in the Ethics Committee, Mahua was initially asked two questions. One, did he give the Parliament login ID and password to businessman Darshan Hiranandani? Second, whether a total of 47 times have been logged in with that ID and password from abroad or not.

On the other hand, according to sources close to Mahua, the Krishnanagar MP told the Ethics Committee that the complaint was filed against him due to 'bitter personal relations'. With this statement, Mahua Moitra took on her former friend Joy Ananth Dehadrai. According to sources, Mahua has also been questioned about that relationship.

Mahua upset on the question of Ethics Committee

Mahua appeared before the Ethics Committee at around 11 am on Thursday morning in the 'questions for cash' case. According to committee sources, first of all the statements of some technical experts of the Parliament were recorded. After this Mahua's statement was taken.

After a round of questioning that lasted about two and a half hours, there was a pause. It is said that after this the interrogation started again. Then opposition MPs including Mahua came out of the meeting.

Accusation on Mahua, he raised questions on taking money from businessman Hiranandani in Parliament. On October 26, the Ethics Committee had questioned BJP MP Nishikant and Mahua's former friend Dehadrai in this matter. Earlier, Mahua had written a letter to the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha saying that the committee has not called any meeting for the last two years.

Mahua further alleged that the dominance of the central ruling party in Parliament is being misused. The same complaint was raised by the Trinamool MP in the committee.