India / Who were the most tweeted about people worldwide in 2020?

Zoom News : Dec 08, 2020, 06:17 PM
New Delhi: Twitter in its 2020 recap revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the 7th most tweeted-about person in the world this year. Donald Trump, Joe Biden and George Floyd were the top three names on Twitter's 2020 list of most tweeted people.

The findings were a part of Twitter's annual review report, recapping the trends, moments, and memes that dominated Twitter through the year.

While every year Twitter recaps some of the highlights from the year, this year, it did things slightly differently. Considering how unprecedented the year was and how much loss it brought upon the world, Twitter turned its attention to how the world got through it together: the ways we kept ourselves entertained, the changes we made, and the messages of support that we shared with each other.

The most Retweeted and top Liked Tweets of the year encapsulate the full spectrum of life in 2020: loss, contemplation, distraction, entertainment, and a dash of humor. The world mourned the death of actor Chadwick Boseman, making the Tweet announcing his tragic passing the most Retweeted of the year and the most Liked of all time.

Unsurprisingly, the top hashtag this year was #COVID19. The hashtag (and other variations on it) Tweeted nearly 400 million times. With much of the world staying home more, #StayHome was the 3rd biggest hashtag of the year.

Globally, there were the equivalent of more than 7,000 Tweets per minute about TV and movies this year. Tweets about cooking nearly tripled this year.

Even though many sports went on pause and looked a bit different when they returned, there were still two billion Tweets about sports.

Following #COVID19, the second most-Tweeted hashtag of the year was #BlackLivesMatter. The world mobilized and amplified the need for equality and social justice following the death of George Floyd, who was the third most-Tweeted-about person globally.

This year also brought on a renewed sense of gratitude and support for our communities. Tweets expressing being grateful or thankful increased by 20% globally, with a particular recognition of doctors (+135%), teachers (+30%), and essential/frontline workers (that phrase was Tweeted more than 17 million times this year).