Maharashtra Political / Whose NCP will it be? Ajit faction claims 40 MLAs together, Ajit faction heavy on Sharad Pawar!

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 05, 2023, 01:39 PM
Maharashtra Political: Today is an important day for the politics of Maharashtra. Two factions of NCP are holding a meeting with their respective supporters. Everyone's eyes are fixed on who has the upper hand in this fight for control of the party between uncle Sharad Pawar and nephew Ajit Pawar. Which is the real NCP so that this decision can be taken? On NCP, Ajit Pawar claims that he has the support of 40 MLAs, while the Sharad Pawar group is claiming that except for the 9 MLAs who have taken oath, no one is with him (Ajit).

Chhagan Bhujbal again claims 40 MLAs

Chhagan Bhujbal, leader of the Ajit Pawar faction, has spoken of the support of more than 40 MLAs from the stage. Chhagan Bhujbal says that 30-31 MLAs have reached here, while some MLAs are still stuck in the jam.

29 MLAs on Ajit's platform

The meeting of Ajit Pawar faction has started and a large number of MLAs are present here on the stage. About 29 MLAs are on the dais, while Sharad Pawar's chair is kept vacant in the middle. Leaders of Ajit Pawar faction claim that the MLAs are still coming, we will have sufficient numbers.

10 MLAs and 3 MPs reached Sharad Pawar camp

10 MLAs have reached Sharad Pawar camp and 3 MPs have reached. The MLAs who have reached are Rajendra Shingne, Jitendra Awhad, Prajakta Tanpure, Anil Deshmukh, Rajesh Tope, Balasaheb Patil, Devendra Bhuyar, Ashok Pawar, Rohit Pawar, Kiran Lamte.

The MPs who have reached include Fauzia Khan (Rajya Sabha), Srinivas Patil (Lok Sabha) and Supriya Shinde (Lok Sabha).

Workers from our side are also angry with BJP - Leader of Sharad Pawar faction

Sharad Pawar faction leader Rohit Pawar has said that NCP workers from our side are also angry with BJP. All people and workers will unite and give strength to a good idea and you will see those who are in power going in the coming elections.

Maharashtra CM will change in coming days: Sanjay Raut

Sanjay Raut has said that the way Ajit Pawar has been brought in, he was not needed. He had absolute majority. By 170, his figure had also increased. Nevertheless, by bringing senior leaders like Ajit Pawar and some MLAs in front of them, they have challenged the Shinde faction. He said that in this way the power of the Shinde faction has been destroyed. The Chief Minister may change in the coming days.