Jagannath Rath Yatra / Whose shrine is it in front of which Lord Jagannath's chariot stops?

Zoom News : Jun 20, 2023, 08:20 AM
Jagannath Rath Yatra: The grand Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in Puri, Odisha will be taken out today i.e. on June 20 with great fanfare, it will conclude on July 1. Every year on the second date of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh, Jagannath Rath Yatra Jor- extracted from the noise. During this, Lord Jagannath along with his elder brother Balram and younger sister Subhadra goes on a tour of the city riding in three chariots. Even today lakhs of people will witness this grand event. It is believed that whoever touches the rope of Lord Jagannath's chariot once, he is able to swim across the ocean.

The surprising thing is that whenever God's chariot leaves for the city tour, its wheels stop in front of a tomb. This thing makes everyone wonder why the chariot of the Lord of the world stops in front of a shrine. Know the story behind it here.

Why the chariot of Lord Jagannath stops at the tomb

This question definitely comes in everyone's mind that after all whose tomb is this, in front of which Lord Jagannath's chariot also stops. Telling you an anecdote related to this. It is believed that a Muslim named Salbeg was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. His devotion towards God was immense. One day Lord Jagannath gave darshan to his exclusive devotee in a dream, Salbeg gave up his life as soon as he got darshan of his Lord. After this incident, when the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath was being taken out, the wheel of the chariot suddenly came to a halt in front of the tomb during the city tour.

During this, the crowd of thousands and lakhs of people present in the Rath Yatra prayed to Lord Jagannath for the peace of the soul of his exclusive devotee Salbeg, only after that the chariot proceeded to visit the city. Since then this tradition continues till date. . Every year, whenever Lord Jagannath goes on a city tour in Puri with his elder brother Balarama and younger sister Subhadra, his chariot is stopped for a while in front of Salbeg's tomb.

What is the story behind the Rath Yatra

The special thing about the Rath Yatra is that the chariot of Lord Jagannath moves at the back. The chariot of his younger sister Subhadra moves in the middle and the chariot of elder brother Balarama moves in the front. All three siblings go to their aunt's house to visit their aunt's house. There is a legend behind this. It is said that Subhadra, the younger sister of Lord Jagannath, once expressed her desire to visit the city. After which Lord Jagannath along with his elder brother went for a tour of the city with his younger sister. During this he also went to his aunt's house. He stayed there for 7 days. According to the same belief, Rath Yatra is organized every year with great pomp in Puri.