Preity Zinta News / Why did Preity Zinta stay away from Bollywood for 6 years? Reason given by yourself

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 25, 2024, 07:00 AM
Preity Zinta News: Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has not been seen in any film for 6 years. His last film was ‘Brother Superhit’, which was released in the year 2018. Now she is going to be seen in 'Lahore 1947' next year. This film is being made in Aamir Khan's production house. Sunny Deol is going to be seen in the lead role in this film. Now Preeti herself has told the reason behind staying away from films for years.

Preeti told in an interview given to DD India that she was devoting time to her business for the last 6 years. She also said that she wanted to give time to her family. She said, “I did not want to do films. I was focusing on business. I wanted to focus on my personal life. People forget that for women, craft is important as an actor, but there is also a biological clock.”

What else did Preity Zinta say?

She further said, “I have not dated any actor or anyone in the industry. So, the logical thing was that I had my family. Living your life is wonderful in many ways, but you should not forget to live your life. So, I wanted a child. The film is forever.”

When is Lahore 1947 releasing?

The official release date of this film has not come yet, but it is believed that 'Lahore 1947' can be released on the occasion of Republic Day in the year 2025. Along with producing this film, Aamir will also be seen on screen. However, he will be in a cameo role in the film. Rajkumar Santoshi is directing this film. Shabana Azmi, Ali Fazal, Abhimanyu Singh are also going to be seen in it. Currently the shooting of this film is going on. Some time ago a report said that the shooting would be over by June.