72 Hoorain Trailer / Will 72 Hurons be found in Jannat? Despite the prohibition of the censor board, the trailer was released - see

Zoom News : Jun 28, 2023, 02:13 PM
72 Hoorain Trailer Release: Despite the refusal of the censor board, the makers have released the trailer of the film '72 Hoorain'. The trailer of the film has been released on YouTube. This film is directed by National Award winner director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. The trailer of the film '72 Hooren' was sent by the makers to the Central Board of Film Certification ie CBFC to get it passed. But the Censor Board advised to change the trailer, calling it objectionable and refused to give it a certificate for the time being.

But the makers of the film released the trailer of the film digitally the next day i.e. today, after the decision of the censor board. However, without approval, it cannot be released in the theatre.

What's in the movie trailer?

72 Hurons are mentioned in the beginning of the trailer itself. At some place like a mosque, a bearded man is telling people about the 72 Hoors. After this, there are scenes of such people who are seen ready for Jihad. A glimpse of the bomb blast at the Gateway of India is shown in the trailer. There are pictures of terrorist attack and casualties. The makers have described the film as based on true events.

It is shown in the trailer how people are taking out the dead bodies of the fidayeen killed during the blast and throwing them in the sea. The trailer shows that it will show the story of two people who embrace death by becoming fidayeen. Then they come to know that the promise made by Maulvi Saab to the Hurons was wrong.

Ashok Pandit raised questions on the censor board

After the trailer was not certified by the censor board, the film's co-producer Ashok Pandit held a press conference and raised many questions on the board's decision. He said that we have the censor certificate of the film 72 Hooren. He said that in a scene in the trailer, a severed leg has been shown, it has been asked to remove it, whereas this scene is in the film and the film has already got the certificate.

Ashok Pandit said that the Censor Board has objected to one word of Quran in the trailer, whereas this scene is also in the film. He raised the question why the scene which is fine in the film has been asked to be removed in the trailer. Ashok Pandit said that this film has got the National Award, so is that award false.