Bihar Politics / Will BJP capture JDU's vote bank using the same formula with which Nitish snatched power from Lalu?

Zoom News : Dec 29, 2023, 03:50 PM
Bihar Politics: Ramlala's life will be consecrated on January 22 in the Ram temple in Ayodhya, preparations for which are going on in full swing. Since it is an election year, the consecration of Ram temple will increase the heat in politics and it will also increase the energy of BJP. As the political chessboard is being laid for the Lok Sabha elections, BJP is weaving a plan to defeat the Grand Alliance in Bihar. The Luv-Kush formula by which CM Nitish Kumar had wrested power from Lalu Prasad Yadav led RJD, now BJP has planned to capture the political ground of JDU through the same Luv-Kush equation. What Nitish had given the color of social justice, BJP has made a strategy to play with JDU by molding it in the form of Hindutva.

In Bihar, BJP is taking out Luv-Kush Yatra from January 2. This Rath Yatra with the slogan 'Sabke Siya, Sabke Ram' will start from the BJP office in Patna. Announcing this, BJP State Vice President Saroj Ranjan Patel said on Thursday that on January 2, State President Samrat Chaudhary will flag off this Rath Yatra. He said that after 500 years of long struggle and sacrifice of many people, Lord Shri Ram is reaching the grand temple, today Luv-Kush society is organizing this Rath Yatra to express gratitude. This Rath Yatra will pass through all 38 districts of Bihar and reach Ayodhya via Buxar. Luv-Kush Yatra will reach Ayodhya on 22nd January, the same day as Pran Pratishtha programme.

Nitish had held a rally with this name

Let us tell you that even today the politics of Bihar is limited to caste. Even though the reins of power in Bihar's politics have been in the hands of the backward people for the past three and a half decades, the upper castes have ruled for a long time. Even before independence, Triveni Sangh was formed in Bihar against the Agads, which was formed by Kushwaha, Kurmi and Yaduvanshis together. While Lalu Yadav came to power through the Yadav-Muslim and OBC equation, Nitish Kumar established his roots through the Kurmi and Kushwaha equation. Nitish had organized a big rally of Kurmi and Koeri community at Gandhi Maidan in Patna, which he named Luv-Kush. This was the first time that Nitish Kumar had used Luv-Kush to establish himself in front of Lalu Yadav. Through this formula, Nitish took charge of power in Bihar in 2005 and is still in control.

BJP's increasing focus on 'Luv-Kush'

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has kept himself close to power with the help of Luv-Kush i.e. Kushwaha-Kurmi equation, but in this equation, Luv (Kurmi) got a huge advantage and there was resentment in the Kush (Kushwaha) society. There was always a feeling among the people of Kushwaha community that the 2.5 percent people somehow got the CM's chair by emotionally exploiting the 6 percent people. Due to this, Upendra Kushwaha has tried to establish himself, but could not succeed. After Nitish's separation from NDA for the second time, BJP is trying to capture JDU's political ground with the Luv-Kush formula. Due to this, BJP has handed over the command of state president to Samrat Chaudhary, who comes from the Kushwaha community, while RCP Singh, who comes from the Kurmi community, who is considered the right hand of Nitish, has been included with it.

BJP is making continuous efforts to implement the Luv-Kush formula in Bihar and now that Ram temple is being constructed in Ayodhya, a plan has been made to link the Luv-Kush formula with Hindutva. Lord Rama had two sons, one son's name was Luv and the other was Kush. The Koeri community claims to be the descendants of Kush, son of Lord Rama, while the Kurmi community claims to be the descendants of Kush's brother Luv. In such a situation, when the Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya and Ram Lalla is going to be seated in his sanctum sanctorum, the Bihar BJP is trying to correct the political equation by organizing Luv-Kush Yatra.

Luv-Kush Rath and Nitish's vote bank

BJP's Luv-Kush Yatra is believed to be directly aimed at breaking into Nitish Kumar's vote bank. BJP will make its vote bank aggressive with the slogan Sabke Siya, Sabke Ram with the help of Lavkush Rath as part of its strategy to make Bihar Rammay before the inauguration of Ayodhya temple. It will also create new vote banks. However, the main target of BJP is to tap the vote bank of Nitish Kumar. Saroj Ranjan Patel, close to BJP state president Samrat Chaudhary and state BJP vice president, will become the main charioteer of this Luvkush chariot. Patel also says under a special strategy that after 500 years of long struggle and sacrifice of many people, Lord Ram is reaching the grand temple. Today Luv-Kush Samaj is organizing this Rath Yatra to express gratitude.