Lok Sabha Elections / Will Kanhaiya Kumar not be able to contest elections? RJD created hurdles regarding this seat!

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 24, 2023, 06:00 AM
Lok Sabha Elections: Political parties in Bihar have already started solving political equations regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Discussion has also started regarding the political future of Kanhaiya Kumar in Bihar. Regarding Kanhaiya, it is being said that Lalu Yadav led party RJD is not ready to give Begusarai seat to Congress. Along with this, efforts are also being made to keep Kanhaiya away from the politics of Bihar. According to Congress sources, RJD wants to give the Begusarai seat to the Left party instead of Congress. At the same time, the Congress delegation met Tejashwi Yadav the next day on his birthday. In this, Congress too has not demanded Begusarai seat. Leaders like Congress President Akhilesh Singh, MLA Ajit Sharma, Shakeel Ahmed Khan were present in the delegation.

The seats demanded by these people include the names of Katihar, Karakat, Aurangabad, Sasaram, Kishanganj, Vaishali, Bettiah, Buxar and Samastipur. Congress sources said that RJD is already not ready to give seats to Kanhaiya Kumar, hence the Congress delegation has not considered it appropriate to meet Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi and demand the Begusarai seat.

Old leader is not in a position to live among the public

In fact, many young leaders of Congress are not only disappointed about not giving seat to Kanhaiya but are also worried about the discussion about giving tickets to leaders above 80 years of age on seats like Vaishali, Aurangabad, Sasaram. In fact, these people believe that these old leaders are not in a position to remain among the public. In such a situation, if young faces including bright leaders like Sanjeev Kumar, Anurag Kumar, Munna Tiwari, Shakeel Khan, Anand Shankar are not fielded in the Lok Sabha elections, then the revival of Congress is not possible in Bihar.

Discussion of these names intensified

Actually, the names of Nikhil Kumar from Aurangabad, Awadhesh Singh, Meera Kumar from Sasaram and Tariq Anwar from Katihar are being discussed in full swing. The age of these leaders is more than 80 years. Therefore, due to the discussion of the names of these leaders, the youth leaders in Bihar Congress are worried about the future of the party.

Begusarai is Kanhaiya's home town and now gradually he is being counted among the big leaders of Bihar Congress. He is young, intelligent and has made a name for himself in the entire country for his quick wit. A few weeks ago, when a Congress delegation had gone to meet RJD leaders. There were many senior Congress leaders including Akhilesh Kumar in it.

Congress knows that RJD does not want to give Begusarai seat.

When this delegation met Tejashwi Yadav, he himself did not discuss anything about Begusarai seat. This means that Tejashwi has already made it clear that we will not give the Begusarai seat to Congress. According to information received from Congress sources, RJD does not want Kanhaiya Kumar to enter Bihar politics. This is because Kanhaiya's entry in Bihar politics can be a threat for Tejashwi Yadav. RJD wants Kanhaiya to be kept out of Bihar at all costs.

Congress in Bihar is completely dependent on Lalu

As far as Congress is concerned, it has completely surrendered to Lalu Yadav in Bihar. Congress does whatever Lalu Yadav says. Even if talks have to be held with JDU, Congress reaches JDU only through Lalu Prasad Yadav. JDU is also angry with this behavior of Congress. This has been seen many times before. Whenever RJD approaches Nitish Kumar regarding seat sharing, he starts showing reluctance.

What does Nitish Kumar think about seat sharing?

On the issue of seat sharing, Nitish Kumar wants that a big Congress leader should be directly involved in whatever discussion takes place on this issue. Then the formula for seat sharing should be decided. This is because Nitish Kumar wants that when a big Congress leader participates in the talks, the party's opinion will be openly revealed.