India / Will the decreasing birth rate end the world, how will the situation be at the end of this century

Zoom News : Mar 10, 2023, 12:44 PM
Decline in World Population: The rapidly decreasing birth rate in Japan has become a matter of concern. According to an advisor to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Japan will cease to exist if it does not slow down the decline in its birth rate. Masako Mori said in an interview in Tokyo, 'If we keep going like this, the country will disappear.'

Let us tell you that on February 28, it was announced by Japan that a record decline was recorded in the number of babies born last year. Last year, fewer than 800,000 babies were born in Japan and there were about 1.58 million deaths.

Japan's population is decreasing rapidly. The population has fallen from 128 million in 2008 to 124.6 million, and the pace of decline is increasing. Meanwhile, the proportion of people aged 65 or older rose to more than 29% last year.

Many countries are troubled by the decreasing population

Although this is not happening only with Japan, but many countries of the world are facing this problem. The American think tank, Pew Research Center, believes that by the end of this century, the birth rate will be reduced and almost eliminated. By the year 2100, the world's population would have been around 10.9 billion. After this, every year it will increase by less than 0.1%.

Birth rate may stop in future

Looking at the young generation facing problems like economic insecurity, employment crisis, it is very possible that one day the birth rate will stop decreasing. It is possible that a person may abstain from having children for some time (like 5 decades). If no new child is born for 5 decades, then the population of the world will be halved to 5 billion. This is the same population, which used to be in the year 1987.

There will be many changes if the birth rate stops

If no new child is born for 5 decades, many changes will happen in the world. You will not have to bear heavy expenses like baby-care. This will increase the income of the people.

In this situation, rich countries will become richer and industries will flourish there. In such a situation, if he calls the people of a poor country with an offer of higher salary, then the people will go away. This can be a good situation for Japan because the elderly population in Japan is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, he will call his people from abroad to work. Money will be good there, so people will also leave.

lack of humans

There can also be a danger of lack of humans. Countries can fight among themselves for humans. World war can also happen on this issue.

status of women

There will be a lot of change in the condition of women due to not having children. Women will not have the responsibility of staying at home and taking care of the child. They will be more independent and will be able to work in many areas where they are not able to work because they have the responsibility of taking care of children.