World Cup 2023 / Will two-time champion West Indies be out of the World Cup?

Zoom News : Jun 29, 2023, 12:31 PM
World Cup 2023: Eight teams had already been decided for the ODI World Cup 2023 to be held in India from October 5 to November 19 this year. At the same time, out of the 10 teams that were being played in the qualifier round, four teams have been eliminated, while six teams have now reached the super six of the qualifier round being played in Zimbabwe. Two-time champion West Indies and 1996 World Cup champion Sri Lanka are also playing in this qualifier round. West Indies have definitely reached the Super Sixes but their condition looks very bad. The Windies were defeated by both Zimbabwe and the Netherlands in the league round. After this, now the chances of him being out have increased.

League points will be carried forward in Super 6!

In fact, even the teams that have reached the Super 6, it is not that the defeat of the league stage will not make any difference to them. Points from the league round will be carried forward in Super 6. Now there is a screw in this too. 3-3 teams from each group have reached Super Six. Zimbabwe, Netherlands and West Indies have made it to Group A. Now if we talk about West Indies, then the points from their matches with Zimbabwe and Netherlands will be carried forward. In the same way, for Zimbabwe, the match between Windies and Netherlands will carry forward the points of the match between Windies and Zimbabwe for Netherlands. In this situation, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka have 4 points each in the Super 6, while Windies have 0 points.

Super 6 matches are scheduled to start from June 29 in which one team will face three teams from the other group. The points earned from those matches and the carry forward points together will ultimately lead to the top two teams making it to the finals. Group A's Zimbabwe and Group B's Sri Lanka are at the top position in the Super 6 with 4 points each. While Scotland and Netherlands have 2-2 points. Oman and West Indies are at the bottom two positions with 0 points each. Let us tell you that only the top two teams of Super 6 will play in the finals on July 9.

What are the equations for the Windies?

West Indies have to play matches against Sri Lanka, Oman and Scotland in this round. Even if the team wins all the three matches, it will be able to get only 6 points. Whereas Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe will only need one win each. Zimbabwe has three matches against Oman, Scotland and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka have to face West Indies, Netherlands and Zimbabwe. If Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe win 2-2 matches in this round, then the rest of the teams will automatically be out of the race. That is, the two-time champion West Indies will be out of the World Cup 2023. The only chance for him would be if Sri Lanka or Zimbabwe lose all three of their matches and Oman, Scotland and the Netherlands also have to lose all their matches. This seems very difficult. Now it will be known only on July 9 that which two teams will make it to the World Cup 2023 starting on October 5.