World / Will your household items come from space Such a factory being built in space

Zoom News : Oct 05, 2021, 06:55 PM
London: If 'Made in Space' is written on any item of your house, then obviously this thing will surprise you, but in future it may happen because, Britain is setting up a factory in space, in which Many such products will be manufactured that you use.

Manufacture of high performance products

According to scientists, high performance products will be manufactured in this factory. These products will be manufactured using the reduction of gravity. It is not possible to manufacture such products on earth. For this, a company named Space Forge will send its robotic Forgestar Orbital Vehicle to space. Its shape will be like an oven.

It will be launched into space and the satellite will be placed at a distance of about 300 to 500 miles from the Earth. It will automatically manufacture high-performance products in outer space.

energy consumption will be less

The microgravity environment will make these products. It can manufacture semiconductors, alloys and pharmaceuticals for human needs. Space Forge says that semiconductors made in space will be much better than semiconductors made on Earth. Scientists claim that they can reduce the consumption of energy on earth with their ability.